Dog-Loving Bride Has Bridesmaids Ditch Their Bouquets For Rescued Puppies!


I love this!!! God Bless the happy couple for doing this on their special day , and there are 8 happy puppies lives that are forever changed because of them! How wonderful! May your marriage be Blessed many times over with lots of love … and puppies! God Bless!

There’s not much more that can make a tie-the-knot ceremonial occasion happier– delicious prepped food, gorgeous decorations, alcohol favors, time well spent in good company with family and friends. But imagine if we replaced the entire bridal party’s flower bouquets with PUPPIES? You read that right– Puppies.

To top that off, not just any puppies, but adorable puppies. So you could potentially go to a wedding to celebrate love and end up bringing home a furry ball of pure love to call your own. Watch the video on the next page!