Dog Is Going To Be Reunited With A Toy He Hasn’t Seen In 5 Yrs. His Response? I’m Melting!


When we were little, all of us had a favorite toy that we couldn’t part with. Some of us had teddy bears, some of us kept batman by our side, while some of us couldn’t sleep without the barbies. The adorable little dog featured in the video below is not very different from us. When he was just a tiny puppy, Finn was introduced to a toy pig that he madly fell in love with.
But he was feisty and ended up destroying the pig. His owners say that he went through a few pigs before they had to upgrade to more durable toys. After nearly five years, Finn gets to reunite with his favorite toy once again.
You are going to be touched when you see his reaction! The little guy is really restless when he gets the toy; and according to his owners, made a sound that they hadn’t heard him make in five years! Watch the video on the next page!