Here is an Irish Dog With Amazing Stepdancing Skills! What a Talent!


It’s not every day that we get to see dogs dance, but this particular doggo has truly stepped up the game. Together with his human, this amazing Australian Shepherd is learning the art of Irish stepdancing.

Actually, it’s kind of a bit embarrassing – there’s no doubt that this doggo is a much better dancer than most of us! This Irish stepdancing dog is the best example of how fun, positive training can show that there’s no restriction to what we can teach our dogs. Training doesn’t always have to be strict, demanding, and too formal. It can always be this fun!
Do you happen to know any dogs who can dance? It looks like doggy dancing has become more popular then ever, and we just can’t keep ourselves from watching these talented doggos groove and do their thing! Watch the video on the next page!