Sad Shelter Dog Just Learned He And His Elephant Are Going Home Together! What a Heart-melting Scene!


Never understood how people can just give up a dog due to moving. The sad reality is the system that fails man and causes a ripple effect. In many cases people don’t have any option as they simply can’t even feed themselves! Granted there are cases where people just abandon their babies.
Meet Smokey the rescue dog who won’t go anywhere without his elephant toy. His previous owners lost their home and couldn’t look after the pooch anymore. The 5-year-old doggie was surrendered into a Franklin County Dog Shelter & Adoption Center on Valentine’s Day, along with his favorite toy “so that he can take comfort” in it.
The elephant was the only thing to make Smokey’s days at a shelter a bit brighter. Then one day in came two volunteers from the nonprofit I Have A Dream Rescue Organization. They fell in love with Smokey immediately and committed to finding him a foster home. Watch the video on the next page!