This Dog Rescued Abandoned Kittens Left to Fend for Themselves. Adorable Video!


Cats and dogs hold the reputation of not getting along. It is said that they are each other’s biggest enemies and that dogs will always respond aggressively to cats. But that was not the case for Aragon, a loving dog who rescued a whole litter of kittens.
Aragon’s owner volunteers for a shelter that rescues animals who may have been abandoned and left to die. Every day Aragon and his owner walk the mountain trail near the shelter to see if he could sniff out any animals who need to be rescued. One day during their routine scout, Aragon got a whiff of an uncommon smell. He quickly began to search for where the smell was coming from. Dragging his owner behind him on the other end of his leash, Aragon anxiously following the scented trail which led him to a box full of kittens!
Aragon was able to provide the best help to nurture the kittens well enough to be adopted. He immediately bonded with the kittens and took on the role of being a parent to them. The sweet rescue dog was so gentle and loving towards the fragile kittens. He cuddled with them to keep them warm, made sure they stayed close when they tried to wander too far and helped them with their walking. It is so precious! If it were not for Aragon, who knows what would have happened to the adorable kittens! Watch the video on the next page!