As Soon As This Kitty Is Petted, He Starts Playing An Invisible Harp!


Have you ever seen kitten playing a harp? Well, you are just in time …Recently, Tanzen’s soul reincarnated in a kitten, who suddenly got a truck load of talent for playing the harp. The only thing was that, it was an invisible harp! Or perhaps, we can’t see it! So, how did kitty learn the harp anyway? Long story short, invisible harp came to him the day his daddy gave him the first belly rubs, I suppose!
From the fretting, stringing to the sophisticated strums of the Harp, this kitten has the ability to challenge anyone in a hard contest! Look at his expressions! What’s next, we might hear that this invisible harp playing kitten ask the lead vocalist and bass player of the band “Nine Direction” to join his own new band- ‘MAOWWW’! Who knows, right? It’s a small world after all!