This Funny Puppy Wants To Get On That Couch. But Keep An Eye On That Toddler’s Reaction! Hilarious!


Charlie the beagle has been taking the internet by storm with his adorable little human Laura Olivia for a long time now. You have probably watched some of their videos yourself. This clip below features Laura and the new member of the family, Ollie. Ollie is a beagle puppy who is the definition of adorable. This cute video will melt you down for sure!
Laura was sitting on the couch and she looked really comfortable as well. So the little dog wanted to join her too. He does his best to get on the couch to take a nap with his sister, but because of his little legs, he can’t reach on the top. His tries crack the little toddler up and it’s hilarious to watch! When Ollie finally succeeds, he does something really adorable!