Corgi Mommy Teaches Baby To Sit, But When He Doesn’t Listen, She Does This!


Remember the time when you were little and you had guests over at your place who were looking forward to taking your pictures with your mommy? Maybe you don’t and I don’t blame you, I don’t either, but this video might give you some flashbacks! This corgi mom has some guests over who want to take her picture with her baby, but the problem is the baby corgi just won’t sit still!
At first she tries to adjust to pose for her guests wherever the baby is sitting, but as soon as she gets there, the baby moves again. She’d be like, “Oh excuse me, my son, he’s just too excited to see you all here!” while she whispers to her son, “Will you keep still?”! The situation gets hilarious when mom looses her cool and does this in front of the camera to make her puppy sit for her guests!