His Human Cut Him Off From The Treats. So He Tells Her Exactly What’s On His Mind!


Meet Lulu, the Frenchie with a PhD in everything you have ever heard of. Watch the video and see for yourself! Lulu is so sad because all the other dogs think she should stop talking and always try shutting her up. Seriously, five minutes ago, Lulu was talking about how Pangolins are endangered, when her listener just jumped on her. And Lulu knew that was the limit!
Lulu, according to her mommy, was just asking for food, but she’s a lyricist, or a song writer, I mean so it’s obvious she isn’t going to just bark a little and wait for mommy to serve her. She was born to inspire from Shakespeare and so I’m assuming she says, “Mommy, do you know what it feels like to eat something when you really have the need for it? I feel that the entire world would have been in danger if food wasn’t sufficient. The food you serve, I can sometimes virtually feel the taste linger in my mouth and…”