Karma Finds The Kitty At Last When Guinea Pig Refuses To Return Her Bed!


If a cat takes a dog’s bed, well, that’s The End of Story, for the Dog with a bed. And cats seldom acknowledge the takeover, let alone feel guilty or apologize to their victims. But what when a guinea pig takes the cat’s bed? When this ginger guinea pig decided to take over the cat’s bed, he had one goal: Do or Die!
And when the crazy cat realized how it is to be, on the other end of the prank, he FREAKED out like a bomb, people. He starts with a hardcore head bang and then moves onto jumping, kicking and even clawing the little ginger! Even then, the little ginger holds his tongue! But if you look closely, the cat is just kidding, right? He almost seems like he is having a dancing seizure on the guinea pigs’ back!