He Scolds His Dog For Talking Back. The Response Will Crack You Up!


Fourteen year old rescue dog Macie has a quite different and amazing personality than other dogs. She loves her house and her family incredibly. The way this pooch communicates with her family is totally adorable.
This video shows Macie’s funny interaction with her family. Things turn when she starts to whine and moan. She gets scolded by her owner saying “Don’t talk over me,” he says, “I’m not sure who you think you are.” However this totally doesn’t affect her as she continues to vocalize her thoughts.
Would you thrash your pet if he does like this? What do you think was it okay for the owner scold? Well I think its okay as he is trying to teach her manners but on the other hand I totally feel she is way too adorable to scold. Pets are too precious. They add charm, happiness and love in our family.