Angry Dog Can’t Control Her Rage When Her Husband Checks Out Another Dog. What She Does? Hilarious!


If you have a spouse, I am sure you wouldn’t like them staring at other people. And according to this clip, this does not happen to humans only. Take for instance the doggie pair in this clip. Mama dog saw her husband checking out a stunning poodle while on the road. But what she did next? You are going to be left in stitches!
This clip is an advertisement for Subaru. Subaru usually features the “Barkley” family in their commercials. Barkley family is on a road trip in this particular video. Dad stops at the light at some point. Just then a beautiful poodle walks through the zebra crossing and the poor guy can’t help but follow her with his eyes. But as you will see, his wife is not happy at all with his behavior!