Poor Tiger Was Caged By A Circus For A Long Time. But When He Was Rescued, I Was Left In Tears!


Animals have suffered a lot at the hands of humans. Some of them are captured for their medicinal value, while some of them are locked away for entertainment purposes. Circus animals are usually abused and forced to perform tricks. Sadly, most of these animals die without knowing what freedom really is. But some amazing organizations have been doing an incredible job in rescuing these unfortunate creatures.
Hoover the tiger spent most his life in a circus in Peru. He was locked in a small cage and was hit with whips and sticks viciously. Animal Defenders International got an anonymous tip about the situation, so they raided the circus. Hoover was one of the 12 tigers in his group, but he is now the last one alive. After his rescue, he was transferred to Big Cat Rescue in Florida. He can now roam wherever he wants to.