Dog Runs Away From Her House Every Day. Now Watch WHO She Goes To Meet!


When Dixie saw Danny, she knew she wanted to adopt the little boy. She is a mother of two adopted kids and she wanted Danny into her family as well – despite the doctors telling her that the boy had developmental delays. The boy had bad motor skills, he could only speak in fragmented sentences, and it was hard to potty train him.
One of their next door neighbors named Dennie was a trainer for search dogs. She was training a pooch called Saki around that time. However, the dog would sneak out every day through the backyard. Dennie discovered that Saki would run away so that she could go and meet Danny across the street. Danny changed when Saki came into his life. He could say complete sentences, and he was potty trained as well. Unfortunately, after her training was complete, the dog had to be sent back to the rescue organization. Wait till you see what followed next!