Kitties Nuzzle Their Tiny Snail Friend! That Is So Lovely!


In this video, you can see the adorable moment two kitties were relaxing in their garden when a snail climbs onto one of their paws. Two cats seem to have adopted a tiny snail. The cat and a snail – you wouldn’t have thought it, but apparently, they’re an excellent match. This might be the most unusual interspecies family you’ve ever seen.
Meet Shiro and Kuro. The darker cat have a curious and friendly encounter with a not-so-shy snail. While Shiro simply chills out with the snail, there is a little of suspense after Kuro takes notice of the snail. The kitty remains very calm, though you do wonder if Kuro is going to attack. When the cat begins to lick the snail, Shiro, swipes her paw away from Kuro just in case.