She Begs Her Dog To Get Out Of The Baby’s Crib. But Watch What The Pup Act Next! Amazing Video!


They obviously love each other and have a bond that has started to grow and their feeling will only become stronger. Much happiness for all! When the cute baby thinks it would be hilarious to start tugging on the dog’s ears, and the hyper pup just takes it in stride.Mom was looking all over the place for the dog and finally found him in the crib with the baby. She should’ve known he’d be right by his best friend! Watch as this crazy Boston Terrier interacts playfully with the baby. How adorable!
His baby sister, obviously, finds this to be the funniest thing she has ever seen in her short life. And her laughter is absolutely adorable. And happy to be back, the Boston Terrier gives her a big kiss. Soo lovely!