German Shepherd Protects His Bed From The Cat! That’s Amazing!


What would you do if you came home to find somebody sleeping on your bed? Kick them off perhaps? Well, this dog apparently thinks you should. A German Shepherd named Gerty is simply bewildered to find Mrs Peepers the cat lying on her bed with no care in the world. Well, Gerty was not about to sit back and play the nice hostess.
Upon noticing the cat, Gerty steadily approached her. After glaring and sniffing at the bed-stealer for a while, they began a mild scuffle that ended with the cat leaping from the bed and running off leaving the dog to reclaim his rightful resting spot. But the story did not end there. The dog, wanting to make sure that Mrs Peepers is gone and stays gone, began prancing around the house. Of course, the smart kitty makes sure she can not be spotted.