They adopted a dog who was found at a gas station. Soon the dog surprised all of them!


Most people know that the Labrador is a breed that is most often used as a helper for people with various limitations. From Labrador it is expected that this cheerful, good-natured, highly trainable dog. This breed is often called “sun dog”. This Labrador communicates with a small boy who has down syndrome. The video has collected over 16 million views and was presented with comments: “If it doesn’t touch you, you have no heart!” and the similar replicas of. It is assumed that the dog does some very good work… but why, if everything is so simple, many people send it for analysis?
Animals differ from humans in their sensitivity and infinite kindness. The proof of this is the video where the dog encounters a child suffering from an unpleasant disease. The reaction exhibited by the dog, simply amazing!