Dad Stole His Husky’s Favorite Spot. But I NEVER Imagined She’d Have Such Reaction!


Husky does stuff like this when she want’s to play or want’s owner to do anything but she would never and a mean never bite or attack owner they are just funny dog’s and if you just sit there and ignore them she will stop. Nala the very stubborn white Siberian husky tries her best to reclaim «her» spot on the couch. Such a hilarious encounter!
She isn’t angry, nor is she trying to dominate. She’s bored and has too much energy so she wants to play and is trying to get the owner to interact with her. Pose with the bowed front legs with her but in the air is an invitation to play. When the owner doesn’t get up she starts climbing up and tugging on his blankets in an attempt to get him to tug bag and play tug of war, or to get him off his butt and start paying attention to her!