She Tries To Teach Her Tiny Kitty To Use Litterbox. Get Ready To Laugh Out Loud!


When you get a tiny kitten there are always some questions to answer and some things to teach him. Training a kitty to use a litterbox can be rather hard for some of kittens and rather natural and easy for others. You never know what to expect. This video will show you a sweet kitty trying his best to learn to use the litterbox. The thing you’ll see right now will definitely make your day!
Mom puts her kitty to the litterbox. The face of this tiny cutie tells for itself. She is so puzzled. It even seems that she wants her mom to answer some very important questions. Hey, do you know that I’m a little kitty? What should I do in this box? Why there’s sand here? Is this a little beach especially for me? I’ve never built sand castles and I don’t know what to do with all this sand….