Little Chihuahua Puppy Attacks Great Dane… The Result Will Impress You!


This Chihuahua is named Lily. She is very tiny but is still a very courageous dog! This pup is only 12 weeks old but she is very, very brave. She meets the Great Dane Vago and decided to take on him in the dog park.
The funny thing is that it is hard for Vago to communicate with Lily if he stands up. She is so small so Vago sits on the grass watching how Lily stands on her hind legs, raises paws to attack him. She is not intimidated by huge size of the dog and continues to confront fearlessly. But these two pups are not enemies and this is not a serious fight. They just play with each other as at the end of their meeting they start cuddling as friends. This is so adorable to watch!