This Scared Kitten Was Found Under A Truck! Here’s What Love Makes To Animals!


Axel, a scared stray kitten happened to be near the office of his future owner. There the man found the little one, clinging to the truck and just could not pass by and leave the baby alone in the street.
Many people passed by and this man could be one of them, but he just could not be so indifferent. There were no mother cat and other kittens beside. He made the picture of the kitten, sent it to his wife asking for permission to bring kitty home. The face of the kitty was so unhappy and touching that woman could not refuse. This is how Axel made herself at home where there were other pets already: the cat and the dog. The dog was 2 years old and cat was 19 years old. They are so different but they are friendly and love each other.