Golden Retriever Wasn’t Eating Her Food. But Watch When Dad Puts It In The Oven! Amazing!


Dogs are one of the best things in the world. Their love is incomparable and their loyalty is one of a kind. The way they behave is quite similar to little kids. You need to look after them in the same way you look after a human child. They need love and attention like kids do; and similar to kids, they can be quite fussy about what they eat.
Just take for example, Luna the Golden Retriever. This precious pooch is a very picky eater. But her owner has finally figured out how to make her eat her food without any complaints. He doesn’t actually do anything. He just “cooks” Luna’s dry food in the oven! As it turns out, the pooch only eats her food once it gets out of the oven! Wait till you see her reaction! Incredible!