Just When You Need Some Assistance To Escape. Cat’s Genius Move Will Make You Smile!


This is Dexter the dog and Gizmo the cat, the inseparable pair of buddies.  Some people won’t believe that dogs and cats can happily co-exist. However, Dexter and Gizmo dispel that myth. The dog wants to get out of the kitchen, but the door is locked. The dog calls on his feline friend to help with the rescue mission. The cat has mastered the tricks and knows all the weak points. The duo meets up and starts planning for their adventure outside the locked kitchen.
The cat hops on the stool and fiddles with the door knob. After several attempts, the cat discovers the weak spots on the door, and the door opens. The dog runs out, but the feline lingers for a while before joining the canine. This is such an amazing story about two best friends! Just awwww!