Kitty Spots Another One In The Mirror. His Reaction? Funny!


Cats can be very mischievous. These little fellas tend to think of themselves as the overlords. In fact, you might have noticed your cat trying to act like a royal being, and that’s quite interesting! However, cats also love playing around, and they’ll do it anytime and with anything they deem suitable for their little adventures. Now, this cat, Gary, has found his playmate, but what the kitty doesn’t really realize is that his playmate is his own self!
Gary went to the dresser and looked into the mirror. In there, he saw another cat that looked and seemed to behave just like him. He was impressed, and immediately resolved to make this new friend his playmate. But it’s the playing part that’ll put you to the floor! Luckily for us, the owner noticed the cat’s escapades and grabbed a camera in time to capture a thrilling episode of the cat and his mirror-bound playmate. I’m laughing out loud!