Overprotective Kitty Keeps His Dad’s Arm Inside. Adorable!


Do you have a pet? Then you definitely know everything about our love to them and their love to us. We love them unconditionally (and they love us this way as well). We enjoy our time playing with them, sleeping and even talking to our beloved pets. There are times when our little friends act in this or another way. And not all their actions are rather clear for us humans.
Now meet Snezka, a tiny kitten. Without any doubt this kitty loves his dad so much. This cutie is so small, but so overprotective that I almost can’t believe my eyes. The daddy stays by the window and tries to hang his arm out of it. What does the kitty do next? I’ve never seen such a persistent and overprotective kitten before. He seems to become very worried and rather afraid! Incredible video!